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our process

We are committed to guiding to you through your home-buying process with ease. From the first phone call, our focus is on you.

How It Works:

Step 1: Your Lending Path Loan Originator is your first point of contact when you call, not a customer service department. Your Loan Originator can answer any question you may have about mortgages and can provide you with current interest rates, closing cost estimates and the impact of choosing one mortgage over another.


Step 2: Our focus is on you and your needs. What are your goals? What do you require from a mortgage company? Is this your first home? How much do you want to put down? What monthly payment are you most comfortable with? What is most important to you right now, lower payments or long-term interest savings? You can expect these questions and many more from Lending Path.


Step 3: With just one loan application you have access to competitive rates and every single conventional and government mortgage loan in today’s market. Lending Path is a mortgage lender. We represent some of the most recognized names in the mortgage lending industry as well as some of the best mortgage bankers you’ve never heard of.


Step 4: Your Loan Originator will provide you with a variety of mortgage loan options that meet your specific requirements. If you are not sure what type of loan is best for you, let us help you down the home loan path as we arrive at the perfect home loan together. We know mortgage loans inside and out, and we also navigate through the constantly changing set of overlays (internal underwriting requirements for mortgage lenders) ensuring your best outcome.


Step 5: Our staff will help you prepare your loan package for approval and get your loan papers to closing. The key to our process is communication. We are always available. We are experienced. Our method is proven.

Let us show you.

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